Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Surprises and Presents!

Remember we left off with........
Woof, Woof
Molly rushed to the tree to see what all the noise was...

She found this pet carrier and again....
Woof, Woof
Molly: Ugh! This is heavy!!!

She put it in the middle of the circle and they tried to figure out what was going on!!

June: I'll look and see what is making all that noise!!

June: Oh No the Bag just moved!!!!

Lacey: Look it's a puppy!!!
Katherine: It's Sugar??!!!

Molly: Yeah!!! I wanted a new puppy!!!!

Emily: Me too!!!!!
Molly: Awww, Sugar!! Your so sweet!!!

Molly: And so soft!!!

June: Ok Girls, it's time to pass out presents! We'll play with Sugar later! I want to see what all we got!!!

June: Here you go Molly!

Molly: Oh! I'm so excited! What can it be?

Molly: Awww, my cute teddy bear I wanted!! Thank you Mom and Dad!!

June: Emily, here's yours!

Emily: Thank you June!
Emily:  I wonder what it is?

Emily: Awww look a Gingerbread Girl Doll!!
Emily: It's so cute!

Katherine: Ok that leaves me, Lacey and June!
Katherine: I'll go first! OK?

Katherine: Oh! It's a new outfit!

Katherine: The top is my favorite color!!


Katherine: I think I'm going to try it on right now!!

Katherine: What do you think? It's SO ME!!! Right??


Lacey: Ok My turn!!!

Lacey: Oh! It's a new Pink Purse!!

Lacey: I love it!!!

Lacey: How does it look?


June: Ok, it's my turn!

June: Oh! I got a purse to!

June: It's Purple!!!

June: What do you think?

Katherine: I think that would go PERFECT with MY outfit!!! Can I borrow it???

Everyone was happy with all their gifts and .......
Their new puppy Sugar!!!!

Isn't she to cute???

And furry!!!

and her pet carrier!!

I love that it has vented windows on both ends!!

And the flap rolls up so the puppy can see outside!!




It's in great condition! My brother got me Sugar and the carrier for Christmas! My mom found it on Ebay for a great price!
Hope you enjoyed our Christmas photos! We had a blessed Christmas and so glad I was able to share with all of y'all!!
I wonder if I can go in and meet my family now?

The newest member of our family!!!
I will add photos of her tomorrow!!!
Kayla, June, Katherine, Lacey, Molly and Emily

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