Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Look What I Got When I Went To The Dallas AG Store.............

The Polar Bear Pajamas!!!

The Charm

This is the complete set!!

June decided to be my model today! We both have been dying to get the Polar Bear Pajamas!!

Doesn't she look great in them?

I love the shoes! The are so soft and fluffy! It's made out of great material. They were so easy to put on June!

The top: I love the color! It's soft and warm. I love the décor and the material!

The pants: Are so easy to put on. Made out of soft stretchy material and I love the little Polar Bears!

June loves them! And claims she's ready to go to bed now!!
June: Wake me up when it's warm outside! I'm nice and comfy so PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB!!!!
Kayla and June


  1. Hi I love the polar bears too . This is one of the outfits on my dream list. I was glad to hear you got them. I plan to get Isabelle performance outfit in February. I am excited to try to buy all her ballet clothes which is unusual for me to do. Most my stuff is homemade. I am still whining for an isabelle doll. Valentine's day is coming up. Today its a bit warmer . Its been so cold they closed schools yesterday and the windex froze on the windows at work before I had a chance to wipe. Kathy bakner

    1. I like polar bears!!! Hope you get isabelle! Lol about the windex thing!