Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some Great Finds My Mom Got For Me!!!!

A girl can never have to many hangers, Can she???
My mom found these on EBay for me for a GREAT Price!!
These are really great and I love that I can hang a whole outfit together

These are great quality!!

These are great shirt hangers

These are little small but they are Springfield hangers and they work pretty good.

The shirts do slide off sometimes but I can live with that and make them work.

They are cute and you can find many sellers on EBay that sell them for .99 cents so a great deal


  1. Try wrapping pipe cleaners around the Springfield hangers. The fuzzy stuff should keep shirts from slipping off.
    Great finds, Mom!

    (Feel free to delete if this is a duplicate comment.)

    1. Thanks!! I will definitely try that!!