Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Also Got Ruthie's Pajamas

This is Ruthie's Pajamas! 
Katherine is my model today!
Their sooo cute!!
The buttons are so pretty and look like pearls!
The embroidery all over is so cute!! The little R looks so pretty and seems like it would fit her personality!

The dots are on the cuffs, the pocket, and the pants.

It's all good quality! They feel so silky and I think American Girl did good with this set!
The slippers are cute!

They are a little tight! They do fit American girl and slimmer feet dolls but on Katherine and Lacey
they didn't fit that well. Everything else is really good quality and super cute!!


Love, Kayla and Katherine


  1. Very pretty. They look nice on Katherine. The buttons are so delicate.

  2. Beautiful!!!! You should do a "all my american Girl doll clothes" post!!!

    1. Thanks!! I Might thanks for the idea!!