Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Summer Doll Size Finds!!

Molly: Ruthie look what Mom got for us!

Ruthie: What is it?
Molly: It's a floatie and some Beach Towels!!

Molly: See, It's perfect for floating in the pool and working on my tan!!

Ruthie: Ok Molly get off of it now we don't want anything to happen to it!!
Molly: I'll just demonstrate a little longer!!! Awww!!!

Molly and Ruthie: These are soooo relaxing!!
Ruthie: And they are pretty to!!!


Molly: zzzzzzzzzz

These are pictures of the "beach towels" they are summer kitchen hand towels we found at Dollar Tree!!

Go and get some before they are all gone!!!
Kayla, Ruthie, and Molly


  1. so so so cute! I Love love love the colours of the beach towels especially.