Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Our Spring On!!!

We know it's Spring but honestly it hasn't been feeling like Spring around here lately! It's still so cold and the rain!! So we thought it would be nice to "Plant" some flowers and get the dolls area looking more "Springish"
We found some little pots in the Target Dollar Spot for .30 and we went to Dollar Tree and got some Moss and some fake flowers

We put some foil on the bottom of the pot and poked the "flower" in it. It's so the flower will be steady. (For the flower we just cut off a stem)

Then we put the moss over the foil

Tada! The finished product! It's it pretty?

I love it! It will look great in our house!!

The moss looks like real dirt

Another picture of the finished product

This is a close up of the pot

We made 3 of them!

Saige admiring the plants

Saige: Oh, these are so pretty! I want one for my room!

Saige: They smell so good!

Saige: I hope I have enough money to pay for all these plants!

Saige: I know my sisters will LOVE them! They are so soft!

Saige: I can't stop touching them!!!
Kayla and Saige