Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Luggage For The Girls

My mom went shopping and she found this suitcase for me and my dolls! We are trying to find things the girls and I will need this summer when we go on Vacation and our mini little trips!
I saw that Amaya at posted this on her blog and I wanted it! Well, my mom saw this at Michael's and just knew that it would be perfect for me and my dolls!

It has a great handle and a latch!

The inside is so pretty and it even says Bon Voyage!

Isn't it cute!
It is so big!

It will hold tons of stuff!

I love that it looks like we travel EVERYWHERE!! I love all the "travel stickers"

A close up of the "stickers"

June with the suitcase

It is perfect!

Looks good!

June is ready for Summer and Vacation!!
Kayla and June