Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Great Ebay Find!

I know that I've made photo stories with this bed and I wanted to share with you where and how I got this wonderful Bunk Bed!
This is where Katherine and Lacey sleep. I love that this bed came with the ladder

Lacey and her beautiful bedding

I love this bedding! The Bunk Bed didn't come with a mattress so my mom made me a mattress for each girl

Lacey sitting with Meatloaf on her bed

Katherine in on top bunk!

I don't have special bedding for Katherine yet. My mom and I are working on it

Katherine and Lacey are happy to show off their Bunk Bed

Come back and Visit us again!!
Kayla, Katherine and Lacey
My mom found this Bunk Bed on Ebay for $10!!! Yes $10!! The top bunk had a small crack in it so my Dad got some crafters glue and wood glue and made sure it's steady and will hold the girls!! It's nice and sturdy now!! It doesn't look pretty but that doesn't matter because the mattress goes over it and you can't see it!! I'm just happy that I got a bunk bed for the girls!! And got it for a GREAT Price!!!


  1. Soooo cute!!!!!!!!
    What is your favorite doll?

    1. Thanks!! It is so hard to choose one girl but I would have to choose my first doll June!!