Thursday, July 4, 2013

Doll Sparklers!

What is 4th of July without Sparklers?? We do Sparklers every year so I thought it would be great to make the Dolls Sparklers and I saw this post on American Girl Fan so I knew I HAD to make them!!!

Supplies Needed:

Ribbon (I used regular ribbon and Curling Ribbon, like what you use for Christmas Presents)
Skewers or any kind of stick you have
Tape (I used Electrical tape because I wanted them to look like real Sparklers and use black or silver)

Cut the Skewers 4"

Cut the Ribbon 3"

Then I cut a piece of tape and put the ribbon on it. Put as many as you want and in any order.
I put about 13 pieces on the tape and put them blue, red, blue, red and so on.........

Then take the stick and start at the end and start rolling it up. Do it as tight as possible so the ribbons don't fall out when you shake the stick. I also put the curling ribbon in the middle of the tape so it would be like "sparks" shooting out!!

This is how it looks when you have the tape around the top of the stick!

Another shot of the top done!

Then take the tape and tape the rest of the stick all the way to the bottom.

TaDa!!!! The finished Sparkler!!! The lighting is bad so I'm not sure you can tell the stick is wrapped in black tape!! (Like I said before my Mom is not used to my camera and doesn't always turn the flash off)

I hope you enjoyed this post and your Dolls can join you in the 4th of July Celebration!!!!


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