Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making Pin Wheels!!

The other day me and my parents made Pin Wheels !
 We made them after watching Ice Age!
Here are your supplies
* Ruler
*Paper ( I colored my own )
*Sewing Pins
*Pencil or Pen ( I recommend using Pencil )
* Some kind of sticks we used skewers
OK let's get started !!!!!

Cut a square 3 and a half inches wide and 3 and a half inches long .
 Draw a big X corner to corner ( Sorry the lamp was bright and my mom took most of the pictures...She doesn't know how to really work the camera I use )
You also have to draw a small circle in the middle. Cut it and leave half a inch from the circle try to make the circle the same size all around.
 Heres my Dad . After you cut it fold every other corner .
 Here is a better shoot at witch corners to fold.
Heres the front.
 We had to tape the bottom cause we had to cut the skewers .
Here it is !! ( There's my Dad in the back ground )
One more close up .
Heres the First one I had by myself !!! I JUST noticed June in the background . LOL
I forgot to add you pin it on the sewing pin and bend it and tape down to the stick !!
Heres one !
Heres how many we made !
There are the tips we cut off .  We may try to make some for the mini dolls but it will be a little while.

Heres June Happily playing with her Pin Wheels.
We found 3 Gunked Up straws we're going to try to cut them down and make straws for my dolls!
Happy Crafting!!


  1. That is so cute! I want to try and make some. Are they hard to make?

    1. No they we're pretty easy to make but taping the pin down is the pretty hard you might need a parent !!!