Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GOTY- Saige Paints The Sky Movie!!!!

Saige's movie will be out on DVD July 2nd and aired on NBC on July 13!!!! I can't wait to watch it with all my friends and my mommy!!! 

Meet 9 yr old Saige, a talented artist with a passion for horses, in this modern-day story about finding your voice! Saige is excited about the new school year, until she discovers that art - her favorite class - has been cut. On top of that, her best friend, Tessa, seems to be spending more and more time with another girl. For help, Saige turns to her grandma Mimi (Jane Seymour), a well-known artist and horsewoman, who inspires her to take action. Can Saige find the courage to overcome her fears, and save the art program and her friendship with Tessa? Heart-warming, empowering, and fun, it's a movie for every girl who has ever dreamed big.

Sounds Great!!!! I can't wait!!!

Doesn't it look great???!!! Get your friends and tons of popcorn and great ready!!!


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