Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Forgot

Hey I forgot with all the sadness about Molly and Emily I forgot to tell y'all about the new American Girl releases ! OK so I'm pretty sure y'all all know that American Girl's prices are outrageous  but these are actually reasonably priced !

Mix n match

This is the new Mix N' Match outfits these 3 outfits free accessories only 90$ .

Snack Stand

This is the most expensive  thing that is new it is 150$ but it has tons of things!!

This is a store exclusive a Doll tote it's 10$ . The bigger one beside it is the girl sized one its only like 18$

Science sets

This new Science set will help your dolls enjoy back to school its only 36$

New Doll highlights only 12$ !!!
more doll hair stuff....

New doll Curly Pony Tails . Really I Don't know how you will use these..But only 18$

Chic bun still don't know how you will use this but it's  20$

Braided Headband in my eyes totally creepy and useless but that's my opinion..

Talent Show Set

The adorable Talent Show Outfit so cute and pretty let's watch Meatloaf  through the hoop!!!

 Saige Picnic set

Here is Saige's Tunic outfit and new picnic set let's get Picasso and go eat in a field!!! 
They made a 2 in 1 swim surf outfit , a basketball outfit , breakfast set , school locker , a bunch of new scenes and they are only 12$ for more go to!!!


P.S.- All credit of the pictures go to Liz from , Char from and , !!

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  1. They have SO Many cute things! I have to do some more babysitting so I can go shopping!