Thursday, June 27, 2013

Say FarWell :(

 We all knew this day was coming thanks to the rumors since 2010. But now we shall say good bye to Molly a 1940's Patriot Girl and her best friend a shy English girl affected by the war that turns Molly's world upside down Emily Bennett! has the July 1st catalog  that say Bye Molly on the front and has the confirmation!! As my loyal followers know I'm going to the American Girl store Dallas ( we had to reschedule it till July 6th cause my dads work ) I was getting a JLY and Saige but now I'm getting Molly and Emily I'm not sure what I'm getting from their collection so sad to see them go .

 Kayla + June :(

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  1. So Sad, I don't have Molly yet but I have to go and get her before it's to late.