Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy June!

Happy June!!
 June is so excited for June!!
End of my school is June 6 . I'm heading to 6th grade!!!!!Well for a end of school present my parents bought me...
 Mini Felicity!!
 My mom get these off of  EBay for a couple of dollars each cause felicity's hair is kind of dry but I will fix it like Lacey's. She is in okay condition her cheek is scratched really bad like dog claws.
 Mini Julie!!
 her braid is still in and she is in PERFECT condition.
 She has no shoes only Felicity has shoes.
 Mini Kit
 She came with a clip in her hair . Her hair is a little dry. I switched her and Julies outfit. She is in great condition.
These dolls are excellent I totally recommend getting these new or from eBay.

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  1. Your mini dolls are so cute! I wish I had some.