Monday, March 10, 2014

A Closer Look At Our "Phones"

Katherine playing on her phone

June: Hey Katherine! Momma got us the new I Phone 5!!

Katherine: Oooohhh! A New Phone!! Gimme, Gimme Mine!!!

(Katherine tackles June to get her new IPhone!)

Katherine: I want Mine!!!

June: Kat, calm down! It's just a Phone!!
(and she goes off to pass out the rest of the phones to her sisters)

Katherine: Oooohh!! June left me my new phone!!

Katherine: Woo Hoo!!! Who should I call??

 A closer look at our new I Phone 5 
Here are the Phone Erasers I got at our School's Book Fair!
My mom and dad bought one for every girl! Thanks!! Love y'all!

The front of the phone

The back! We had to get mostly pink phones but that's ok! We love Pink!

Fits perfectly in their hands! Another great Doll Size Find!!

June: Hello? Hey girl! What's up?
Well, I see that June has claimed her phone! Her favorite color is Pink but she really liked the blue one!
Kayla and June


  1. Oh, my! I'm glad you have enough for everyone.

  2. So cute, my local dollar store sells those and mini camera's. They are perfect for my dolls!