Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not an AG Giveaway But A Great One If You Love Frozen, Like Most Of Us Do!!!

Go to Never Grow Up: A Mom's Doll Guide is having a great giveaway!! This is what you can win:

1. Elsa Bottle Cap Keychain

It will come in this cute little baggie, just the way she sent it to me.
I love the glitter she uses in her bottle cap reminds me of Elsa's ice powers. ;)

 2. Anna and Elsa Bottle Cap Keychain

It will also come in its own baggie.

 This picture gives you an idea of the size of the key chain.

 3. Frozen Bottle Cap Pendant Necklace

 This one was a complete surprise that she threw in without telling me.  It was so sweet of her...and such a fun discovery when I opened the package she sent. :)  The necklace has ribbon and cord for the chain and has a clasp at the back.

 Here's a closer look at the pendant itself...many of you will recognize this as the Frozen movie poster. :)

My other giveaway donations came from Alyssa "Elfie" of Magic 'n' Mayhem.  Elfie has a beautiful selection of necklaces, keychains, charms, and more in her shop, and she does wonderful work.  If you love Olaf, you'll love the items she donated:

 4. Olaf "In Summer" Necklace

It will come in a baggie like Belinda's items.

 5. Olaf "Snow Angel" Necklace

 Here it is in the baggie.

 6. Olaf Clip Charm

 In the baggie...I think you get the routine by now. ;)

 Here's a look at the clip on the Olaf charm.  According to Elfie, you can use it as a zipper pull or a charm to attach to anything you choose. :)

 This gives you an idea of the size of the charm.

 7. Olaf Keychain
 In its special baggie.

Olaf is so cute! :)

Elfie also surprised me with several extra things.  I believe I asked for one necklace, and I ended up with four items!  I was amazed by her generosity. :)

Both Etsy sellers went far above and beyond what I asked.  I'm so thankful to both of them for donating all of these items to make our giveaway extra special. :)  Thanks so much, Belinda and Elfie!  

I hope that all of you get a chance to stop by their Etsy shops and check out their other goodies.  

Meanwhile, we're not quite done with giveaway prizes, so let's take a look at the others! :)

 8-10. Frozen Fan Art Postcards 

 A while back, shortly after I drew my Anna and Kristoff picture, I decided to try making it into postcards through Costco's photo center.  As a result, I have three postcards to give away.  They will be given away individually, so three different winners will receive them.  They are printed on cardstock-type paper...

 ...and have "From:", "Message:", and "To:" on the back, just in case you actually want to send them to someone.  I tend to keep mine...they make great doll-sized posters. ;)  (By the way, they are not camera is still leaving spots on all my pictures, and I can't figure out why). :(

 Even though the postcards are prints, I signed and dated each one.  So someday, when I'm famous, you'll have a signed print of mine, and you'll be able to say, "I knew her when..." ;)

And now for our final giveaway item.  Because this prize is slightly larger than the others, this particular prize will only be available to my readers in the United States.  Sorry guys, I just don't want to try and figure out International shipping for these.

 11.  Mini Elsa and Anna Dolls

 These are the mini dolls, around 4 inches tall, with MagiClip dresses.  They will be given away as a pair, not individually.

I copied all this from her blog so go here and  check it out and enter:
There are a lot of prizes so I wish everyone the best!!