Saturday, March 8, 2014

More Doll Size Finds

I found these great items at Dollar Tree!
The cute Mini Hats that will work great for our St Patrick's Day Celebration and these great round boxes that I thought would be great for a Hat Box for my dolls caps and floppy hats!

5 for $1 that's a great deal!

They are so cute!

Katherine modeling the hat

Molly wanted to try one on

Don't let they look good? I love the hats! We celebrate St Patrick's day real big in our house because it's my Mom's Birthday!
Molly: Kat you look good in that hat with your red hair!
Katherine: Thanks Molly! You look like good to! Like a  Leprechaun in ALL that Green!!
Molly: Is that good or bad??
Katherine: A CUTE Leprechaun!!!
Molly: Oh!! OK!! Thanks!!

Here are the boxes

They are big but not big enough for the cowboy hats and other big hats!

June: Lacey! What 'cha got?
Lacey: Mom bought us a hat box for all the caps and summer hats!

June: Cool! Here's my cap!

Lacey: Hey it fits!
June: Great!!!

They even hold the new hats! 

Lacey: And the hat box is so pretty!

Hope you find some great Doll Size Finds! It seems lately everywhere I turn I find something!
Kayla, June, Lacey, Katherine and Molly