Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Doll Sized Finds!

I got 2 lamps at Dollar Tree for my dolls!!
 I found this white solar lamp! But this looks like it should be in a hospital!! I gotta DECORATE!!!
 Striped duck tape!! Perfect!!
 Duck Tape.
 Half way done!
 I'm done! I even decided to put neon green on the top!
 Ta-Da! I didn't do it but I'm putting the neon green duck tape on the bottom. I will post a picture when I'm done.
 This is the second lamp that I found!
 Here it is!
 The top comes off. It's a air freshener.
 This is the size difference. Sorry the green one fell over.
This is the size comparison of it next to a doll. The small one you might put on a dresser and the bigger one you could put on a table. Remember I found these at Dollar Tree!!
Love, Kayla and Katherine!!!!