Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Game Of Hopscotch!!

Well, it was another nice day outside so Molly and Emily decided to play a game of Hopscotch!!
Emily: You go first Molly!
Molly: No Emily you go first I know how much you love Hopscotch!
Emily: WooHoo! Thanks Molly!
Molly: You're welcome Emily!

Emily: 4

Emily: Uh Oh! I stepped in the box!!

Molly: It landed on 2
Molly: Oh! I did it!!
Emily: I made it to the end!!!

Molly: So did I!!


Molly and Emily: WooHoo!!! We did it!! and it was so much fun!!!
Kayla, Molly and Emily


  1. So cute, I wish it was dry enough and the snow was melted so I could use chalk to play and draw with but I can't :(

    1. :( Sorry you cant play outside, You can always play a fun inside game with your dolls!!

  2. Hopscotch is so much fun to play. Did you know that the dollar store has egg shaped sidewalk chalk out now for Easter? Stock up for the summer.

    1. Cool!! I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip!!! I'm gonna buy some!!